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  1. Excuse me Delegate, but what exactly are you saying?

    I live “downstate” and am an active Democrat but I get a very uneasy feeling from your post that you are somehow looking down at us because of the religeous composition of our citizens.

    I would appreciate it if you would clarify your statement for me.

  2. Guys, I am sure that the Delegate is complementing the “downstate folks” for their sound moral compass and fortitude, and admiring their courage in standing up for fundamental American values and standards.

    [raised eyebrow] Isn’t that right, Ms. Amundson?

    Because I’m certain that she knows it’s poor political strategy (as well as incredibly poor manners) to malign law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of the Commonwealth.

    Isn’t that right, Ms. Amundson?

    — Kat

  3. Well, Ray, some of us upstate Dems would appreciate it if you got the evangelicals down there under control and quit helping them write discrimination into the state constitution.

    And Kat, is that an offer from the downstaters to start paying their fair share of the tax money into the state? And from what I see out of Congressmen from “down there”, I don’t think morality comes into play, and I’m pretty sure the compass is a bit off on American values and standards (i.e. that old melting pot concept.)

  4. Greg, not to offend, but we’d love to help bring the GOP in check downstate. If Delegate Moran would focus some resources on the decent candidates we have running, maybe certain amendments (proposed by upstate Republicans I might add) wouldn’t currently be enacted as the law of our state.

    Give us the resources and it will be done. Or are the campaigns in NOVA and Eastern VA more important?

  5. Liberal Pi, you and I are together on that. Vivian Paige is a stark example of someone who could win but wasn’t given the resources. And yes, I do wonder if Brian Moran has given up on the south. Vivian has the right idea, we need to spend a lot of money building a bench down south.

  6. Oh Greggy…you are doing a great job of ignoring what Del. Amundson has done here….for her benefit I’m sure.

    She has just proceeded to label those downstate as predominately fundamentalist christians who vote “backwards” as compared to the more enlightened NoVa.

    Del. Amundson, you and I have had issues in the past were you graciously apologized for “poorly written material”. What you have pointed out here is fortunatley the truth.

    I’m proud of you for having the courage to state the obvious.

    See, if I was a oversensitive liberal I would be screaming for you to apologize and demand you take the post down.

    I guess some folks know what they are and are comfortable in their own skin.

    And just so you know….I love Jesus, and I vote too.

  7. Everyone, chill out, shes just linking to Kenton’s cool little map.

    And unless im wrong (not that it matters), i dont think Delegate Amundson is Catholic, so you guys claiming foul… is well foul.

    Just saying.

  8. It is the delegates perogative to clarify her remarks if she sees fit

    As an exercise I would encourage everyone to substitue words and see if they feel differently

    As an example

    “Take a look. Never again will you ask us, “Why DO those NOVA folks vote that way?”

  9. Boy, a person takes a half day away from the computer …

    James Martin has it mostly right. I did think Kenton’s map was cool, and I did want to link to it.

    If you think about his other maps, it’s clear there is a big fault line in Virginia. Some of it is cultural (I had absolutely no IDEA who Dale Earnhardt was, although we in Virginia will now have a day for him).

    But religion accounts for some of it. Actually, I was trying to point out that for some of our downstate Dems, voting on the social issues (what Leslie Byrne called “God, gays, and guns” in the last campaign) means taking a much more conservative approach than some of us in Northern Virginia can.

    But I hear criticism of those very Democrats from some folks in MY district. “They can’t be a Democrat if they vote for (fill in the blank with your favorite of the social issues).”

    Well, yes they can. In fact, they HAVE to vote that way if they want to remain as elected Democrats.

    Getting back to 51 in the House and 21 in the Senate is going to mean getting a bigger tent on some of those issues. That’s what happened when the Democrats took over in Washington, and it will be necessary when we take back over in Richmond.

    Those of you who know me know that my own faith is hugely important to me. The only religion I ever poke any fun at is my OWN–mainline Episcopalian. (Remember the “Frozen Chosen” line?) I am certainly sorry if that was the sense that my post generated, because it was NOT what I meant to say at all.

    Au contraire. I just intended to point out that getting to 51 means winning in some of those green areas.

  10. To me, these comments demonstrate that the “divide” of Virginia is quite pronounced, and of more concern, very unhealthy for the continuation of good governance in this state.

    I think I’ve written about this before, but I’ve run into downstaters who just think NoVA is evil and ought to be hermetically sealed and isolated, practically.

    I just don’t think this division is good for our state. So, a more interesting question is, how can we use politics and/or the legislative process to try to “bridge” the common good gap in the state….people downstate must understand that NoVA is a gifthorse for VA, and people in NoVA must understand the folks down South are dealing with a whole different set of problems, and we will be stronger at addressing the problems provided we work together on them…

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