Back from the Big Apple

Spent several days in New York City, getting Sara (more or less) settled as she starts law school at NYU. It was one of those bittersweet moments parents have to get used to. I’m thrilled, of course, that she is so bright, so committed to making the world better, so willing to begin such a great adventure. And I’m wishing she could do those things … well, from closer to home.

Of course, as my mother reminds me, I moved halfway across the country at just about the same age.

She’s living in an apartment that is huge by New York standards, but pretty cramped for space. Still, it’s in a safe neighborhood, and there are two Starbucks within a block.

When I told her that meant I could visit frequently, she paled visibly.

So we got curtains on the windows and shelf paper on the shelves. Shoes are out of boxes and sweaters are put away for cooler days.

I only cried a little on the train home.