When we look for the future of American politics …

we may be able to descry much of its shape in Virginia.

That’s the interesting, thoughtful, and basically (I hope) correct premise of Garrett Epps’ story on Salon.com.

His final thought: “Virginia mirrors the nation in its reservations about the war; and by the narrowest of margins, its voters have apparently decided to trust a man who has written a few books rather than another man who seems unwilling to admit having read even one.”

One could do a link, but one could also simply paste in the URL, which in my case would be a whole lot easier. (http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2006/11/10/virginia/)

4 thoughts on “When we look for the future of American politics …”

  1. A 21st century “elected” blogger really should be able to “do a link.” :-)

    But more importantly, the war, while the topic de jure, was not the impetus behind this election. The catalyst for change was the collosal breakdown of the incumbent.

  2. WordPress’ code has been finicky here — it often fails to properly close links (using, oddly, <a />), turning entire paragraphs into hrefs. Kris’ solution comes from knowing that the proper approach isn’t really working.

    I’ve turned your link into something clickable, which should be more useful. :)

  3. Thanks, as always, to Waldo. Without his tech help, I would simply not BE a 21st Century blogger. Posting the link was just a way not to bother him during the hours he was earning actual money.

  4. Dear Kris and Bob,

    I am in the process of featuring each Democrat in the House of Delegates and then the Virginia Senate on the front page of Raising Kaine. Kris, your bio is up there now – this is all just information I have taken from you page on the Virginia Assembly’s website. I am doing this to try to help educate other Virginia political bloggers interested in the 2007 elections (and turning the assembly blue) about our Delegates and Senators.

    Just FYI – I linked back to your blog in the post, which is currently on the front page.

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