Toys for 3-year-olds?

Every year, our church adopts families who couldn’t otherwise provide Christmas gifts to their kids. This year, I have two three-year-old girls.

My “baby” is now 26. I need thoughts. Any advice on what to buy for three-year-old girls? I am SURE I should be purchasing highly educational toys, but frankly, I just want fun stuff.

4 thoughts on “Toys for 3-year-olds?”

  1. My youngest got one of these last year and loves it. Actually anything made by that company is pretty nice. My Little Ponies are a safe bet also.

  2. Great thought. Sara loved My Little Ponies–did not know they still exist. The phonics thing would satisfy my need to do something vaguely educational as well.

  3. I usually swing by one of the gift shops at either the Natural History or Air and Space museums (or my dad stops by the gift shop where he works, since he works at NASA) for my youngest two cousins (8 and 6, but you can find stuff for younger there). It also should satisfy your need for educational stuff. Good luck!

  4. Yes, My Little Ponies are alive and well. We have a ton of them. It is all my four year old wants for christmas. Never mind we already have a ton of them from my childhood. You can never have too many horses. ;)

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