Just wondering

If the Iraqi Government has failed to meet 15 of the 18 benchmarks, yet is considered a success by President Bush . . .

Then why, when schools meet 28 of 29 benchmarks under the No Child Left Behind Act, are they considered failures by this same President?

8 thoughts on “Just wondering”

  1. Right indeed. Also a former school board member. Understand that I once taught a course called “The Poetry of Rock,” for which students received credit. (I will be atoning for that for the rest of my life.) So it’s not standards I oppose–it’s standards applied in a way that unfairly punishes kids.

  2. Ah yes, AYP. Other than the 535 members of Congress + the President being unable to read and understand the Constitution and its amendments, which provide no role for the federal government in education. Right?

    Back to AYP. You have Democrats on one side wanting to throw more money at perceived problems and you you Republicans on the other trying to assure some amount of accountability.

    As Amity Shlaes writes in her new book, The Forgotten Man, who gets “forgotten” are the taxpayers.

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