Extra Innings, Part Deux

That’s how we started blogging. Two years ago, when the General Assembly went into overtime, we started our first blog, calling it Extra Innings. We figured if we hated blogging, we could just quit when we had a budget.

Now our friend Vivian Paige wonders if we’ll revive the name.

We are slated to vote on the budget today. But there will be at least one special session. There is general agreement that we can come back to resolve issues in the two competing bond bills. We are less sanguine about reaching consensus on transportation, but we really have to keep trying.

Given how hard we had to work to migrate from one blog name to another, I think we’ll stick with this one for now. But watch for Extra Innings posts as we slog on through the spring.

6 thoughts on “Extra Innings, Part Deux”

  1. i’ll miss you, but i am so glad you will be returning in april–it’s so lovely in richmond then!

  2. Perhaps the VA legislature should simply adopt the one-to-two month longer legislative session that the MD legislature holds, and Maryland is a smaller state. It seems like there’s always something (or two) coming up that cannot be handled in the “usual” two-month session.

  3. I don’t disagree, John. I do NOT want us to become a permanent, full-time legislature, as I have noted before. But a little more time might be good to allow us to deal with the stuff that, as you say, seems to come up nearly every year. I certainly would like to lengthen the “short” session to 60 days.

  4. Del. Amundson: As much as, y’know, having all bill-making done in the time you’re supposed to have it all done in is great…I really like the name “Extra Innings, Part Deux.” Reminds me of something, hmm…can’t think of what.


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