Too much chalk

That’s what my daughter Sara, the former sportswriter, will say when she sees my bracket over at NLS. That apparently is the phrase the cognoscenti use when what they really mean is, “You went with the Committee picks???”

Everybody is an expert at bracket time. Everybody has an idea about some team (George Mason, Gonzaga) that can make a run. And everybody tries to make sure their brackets include the 7, 10, or 11 seed they think will go deep into the tournament.

So here’s my answer: Kansas. They’re my sleeper team.

OK, I know the Committee picked them as a 1 seed. But Kansas flops every year. Three coaches, several All Americas later, I have learned NEVER to pick Kansas past the Round of 16. But everybody–everybody–says that they’re the real deal. So this year, they’re my Cinderella.

Headed into the Bat, er, Basketball Cave now–if I emerge, it will not be to discuss Virginia politics, but that buzzer beater that just blew everybody’s brackets.

Including, probably, mine.