On audits

We heard a lot about audits in the past few days. “We can’t possibly fix transportation now,” we were told. “We have to have an audit first.” There’s nothing wrong with the audit bills introduced (see here and here).

Except that they are no reason to delay action. Since 2001, there have been no fewer than EIGHT audits of VDOT. Including one that focused specifically on the maintenance deficit.

That was introduced, well, by me. In compliance with HB 2838, VDOT dutifully reported its findings to our own oversight agency, the Joint Legislative Review and Audit Committee last September. The figures show we have a maintenance deficit.

After yesterday’s contentious Rules Committee meeting, there is perhaps not a lot of hope for a transportation funding solution.

But we might pass another audit.

2 thoughts on “On audits”

  1. Give ’em hell Kris!

    Better yet, how’s about we elect 6-7 more Democratic delegates and elect a new Speaker of the House!?

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