Hat wisdom

“Don’t put on the hat.” If there is one piece of political advice about which my daughter is resolute, it is that.

In our line of work, people give us hats. And I look terrible in hats.

Not, perhaps, career-threatening, Dukakis-in-the-tank terrible.

But pretty dorky.

So you aren’t likely to see me wearing a West Potomac Wolverines, Mt. Vernon Majors, Obama for President, or any other hat.

Now we see this picture of Gov. Rendell. Sara’s wisdom is confirmed.

3 thoughts on “Hat wisdom”

  1. LOL…after meeting Ed Rendell at a diner back in my hometown of Lancaster, PA during a trip home 4-5 years ago, I am SO not surprised by this picture!

    Ed is a real retail politician. He’s very gritty and hobnobs with EVERYONE. Dorky? Yep. But at least he is down-to-earth too….

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