The Soup Nutsy

Seinfeld famously had the Soup Nazi. Me, I have turned in to the Soup Nutsy.

At my not-so-tender age, the dentist discovered a wisdom tooth. I certainly THOUGHT I had all four wisdom teeth out — but hey, it was 35 years ago and I was on heavy pain medication at the time. What do I remember?

Anyway, the tooth had to come out, which it did. And now I can’t eat anything but soup. For a month.

The oral surgeon also offered up mashed potatoes, which I don’t like. I’ve added yogurt and pudding. And tonight, I may live large and eat a crab cake. Still, the menu choice at Chez Amundson is mostly soup or, well, soup.

The soup Nazi’s threat was always, “No soup for you!”

Sigh. I wish.

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