Denver Report – Tuesday, August 26


Note to file for the next National Convention: When the floor proceedings start at 3:00 PM and the day’s program includes somebody like Hillary Clinton, don’t expect to show up at the gate at 6:30 PM and waltz right in. Our delayed arrival was due to John the Videographer. He works for Newsweek Online, and they decided to do a “Day in the Life of a Delegate” piece on our colleague, Jennifer McClellan of Richmond. So we spent some time in the afternoon video-ing Jennifer at various locations across Denver. By the time we finished taping, navigated Denver’s traffic, and arrived at the Pepsi Center, the line to go through security stretched for over a block. (I was tagging along because John the Videographer didn’t have floor credentials — so I volunteered to tape Jennifer there.)


The evening’s proceedings, including Mark Warner’s keynote address and Hillary Clinton’s long-awaited floor speech, made the wait worthwhile. During those speeches and the others you see on TV, part of the convention stagecraft is for the delegates to hoist prepared signs bearing slogans or participants’ names. The signs are distributed with specific timing instructions like “Wave ‘Renewing America’s Promise’ at the end of Governor Schweitzer’s speech.” I guess it looks good as background on TV, but by the end of the evening we have several forests’ worth of signs at our feet. (The long vertical signs — “Michelle,” “Hillary” and “Unity” so far — are especially treacherous: they’re mounted on 5-foot long cardboard poles that could put an eye out.)


Tuesday’s endless Security Line; MSNBC commentator David Gregory chats up Bill Richardson, with Congressman Charlie Rangel on deck; Delegate Shannon Valentine does some retail politicking with Lynchburg native John the Videographer; a snip of Mark Warner’s keynote address; and a little bit of Senator Clinton’s speech.

5 thoughts on “Denver Report – Tuesday, August 26”

  1. Bob: What an exciting time this is! Thanks so much for the ongoing blog. It brings back some convention memories for some of us and helps us all feel more a part of this historic time. Libby

  2. Thanks so much for doing this. I’m really enjoying your insights and the video links as well. Between your comments and my son’s commentary, I feel like I’m there.

  3. Bob thanks I am glued to CSPAN and MSNBC Mark Warner was soooo good last night. I remembered being in New Hampshire with him two years ago MRW in 8. HIllary was awesome and Bill was incredible. Have fun tomorrow night and thanks for representing Arlington !!!

  4. Bob, thanks for keeping us posted, I know how busy the delegates are at the convention so finding time to post your blog must be a challenge! The Post has a nice spread today about the VA delegation, and the important role of VA dems, made me very proud! I know you are enjoying your down in front seats and having a great time. Thanks for bringing us insights into the convention!

  5. These posts have been so great; thanks, Bob. I’m seeing a less official view of the proceeding. First person I spoke to in Denver saw my “Yes we can” pin and after giving directions to the shuttle, said, “do what you can this week. this country is hurting.” He added, “when I lived in DC 12 years ago I wrote Joe to ask him if he would be my voice because the district had none. He wrote back to say that made him very proud.” Well, I’ve been very proud this week, but nothing that’s happened has made me prouder than that trust.

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