Arlington, My Arlington . . .

From the Arlington Democratic Joint Campaign’s e-mail listing “Final Pre-Election Volunteer Opportunities” —

“3) Minstrels for Barack: We need street musicians, jugglers, mimes, and so on to entertain voters standing in long lines on Election Day. The busiest times will be morning, 7 am to 10 am and evening, from 4 pm to 7 pm, but we can schedule during the day as well. If you are an entertainer who would like to use your talent in this way, please sign up at”

My co-blogger tells me that in England street entertainers are called “buskers.” “Buskers for Barack” is even cooler.

4 thoughts on “Arlington, My Arlington . . .”

  1. Unemployed for Obama is more descriptive, though, isn’t it? Or what about – Obama is more important than my employer or his customers, or my education, etc.

    Of course, mimes are rather descriptive of the voice we the people would have under an Obama administration, so perhaps those jokers are appropriate.

  2. The You Tube video could have been a scene from the coordinated campaign headquarters yesterday afternoon – but with several hundred people! The parking lot was jammed, and people of all ages were inside picking up signs, making calls, picking up walk sheets and dropping off food. As I greeted them and thanked them for their dedication, they assured me that they were working to change politics and government and take our country back! For someone like me who has been involved in campaigns since my kids were in strollers, it was breathtaking and a very emotional experience. Let’s use their energy to turn “one day more” into a generational transformation!

  3. Agree with Tess. Buskers? Give me a break.

    Margi – a “a generational transformation?” Not so much. More like “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

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