Best and worst

One of the supreme ironies of the legislative session is that while there’s lots of STUFF to post about, there isn’t any TIME. So here is my list of the best and worst things that happened this week.

The best thing was actually two best things–two significant rules changes that will open up what we do in Richmond for the public were passed. House Democrats had argued that allowing live streaming of sessions (the Senate has had this practice for years) and recording votes in subcommittee would be a common-sense, good government issue. This week, after huge pressure from groups across the political spectrum, the Other Side agreed with us.

And the worst? In a blatantly partisan power move, the Republican leadership refused Charniele Herring a seat in the House. She was duly elected and had a Certificate of Election, but was nonetheless denied the opportunity to serve the people of her district.

3 thoughts on “Best and worst”

  1. Every day, we have made a motion that she should be duly seated. Every day, that motion fails on a party line vote. Friday, Ward Armstrong wrote to the Attorney General requesting his opinion on whether the House action is legal. (Hint: we don’t think so.)I would not be surprised if further legal action were in the future if the Republicans do not give her her rightfully won seat.

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