Don’t tell Ward

There’s apparently a barn-burner of a Senate primary in Kentucky. One of the two contenders, Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo, is bashing his opponent, Attorney General Jack Conway because Conway  went to–well, just take a guess.

Nope – it’s not Cuba.
It’s not North Vietnam.

Mongiardo is lathered up because his opponent went to


As Dave Barry used to say, “I swear I am not making this up.”

Of course, UK fans might still be smarting from Christian Laettner’s last-second shot in the Duke vs. UK game back in the 1992 NCAA Tournament. In a close race . . .

2 thoughts on “Don’t tell Ward”

  1. Yep, this is true. Another schooling issue may be that Conway also went to high school at St. X, which is the most resented high school in the state because it’s…gasp…Catholic, in Louisville, and they win the state title in everything.

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