Exception to the Rule

So we’re headed back to Richmond. There seems to be a growing consensus on the fact that a recent Supreme Court decision requires Virginia to find a legislative fix to the problems raised in Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts.

Both parties had agreed that this would be the only issue that would be discussed. Otherwise, we’d be at risk of spending the next six weeks in Richmond. I agree with that decision.

Except . . .

There likely will be legislation to compensate Arthur Whitfield for the 22 years he spent in prison for a rape he did not commit. DNA evidence has already cleared Mr. Whitfield.

Vivian Paige has been crusading for the General Assembly to right this wrong for over two years. The Legislative Black Caucus, both candidates for Governor, and several other Delegates agree.

Add my name to the list. We ought to add legislation to compensate Mr. Whitfield to our Calendar for August 19.

5 thoughts on “Exception to the Rule”

  1. Disagree. The special session is for a specific purpose. I’m still not even convinced it is needed.

    Mr. Whitfield should probably be compensated. Not during a special session called for another purpose.

    This is how political actions get bolloxed.

  2. Virginia General Assembly LIS isn’t yet showing any legislation for consideration on the 19th. What’s on the agenda? When do the citizens get to read it?

  3. There’s nothing in the proclamation that lays out how early legislation may be introduced. My guess on the legal fix is that Attorney General Mims and his staff will probably draft whatever legislation is considered on the Melendez-Diaz decision, however.

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