Back to school

Well, not exactly. But one week from today, I am starting a new job at Education Sector, an education think tank in Washington, DC. I’ll be their communications manager, helping them get the word out about their thoughtful reports and analysis. Their motto, “Independent Analysis, Innovative Ideas,” tells you a lot about why I was attracted to the organization.

It is a great fit. I think the next two years are going to be very exciting in education, and Education Sector will clearly be in the middle of those policy discussions. My knowledge of how policy gets made at the state and local level will, I hope, help move the conversation along.

So I am, in a sense, headed back to school. I’ve spent time looking longingly at office supplies. (So far no Mylie Cyrus lunch box, but I’ve been tempted.) The job brings together pretty much everything I’ve ever done (and yes, there will be blogging in my future). I can’t wait!

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