With 3 days to go, who’s still undecided?

Gail Collins helps us out:

“In The Times’s poll, the percentage of respondents who said that they weren’t totally sure who they were going to vote for was almost identical to the percentage who said that they think the economy is doing well. Are they the same people? If so, perhaps they are still undecided because they are waiting to get their marching orders from well-informed friends like Abraham Lincoln, St. Catherine of Siena or Seabiscuit.”

One thought on “With 3 days to go, who’s still undecided?”

  1. Well, let’s see. I didn’t pay more than I could afford for my house. I kept my credit good, so I have a good rate. I remained employed for over 30 years, so I can afford the rate I selected. I have a job, and enough put away to weather a bad spell.

    That doesn’t make the economy good, but it makes me feel only for those hit by the backlash of those others who didn’t live within their means. I have no sympathy for those who bought homes they couldn’t afford, at rates they couldn’t afford, because someone “gave” them money. Now they want someone to “give” them a way out.

    No thanks. I’ll make my choice based on who knows how America works. Hint – it ain’t BO.

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